Project Description

Chest of Draws

120cm (L) x 79.5 cm (H) x 57cm (W)

American black walnut, ripple sycamore and cedar of Lebanon.

The chest of draws was inspired by the architecture in the area of Bristol I was living at the time. The contrast of materials in the chest reflects the contrast in the building that inspired it.

The dark American black walnut could have an overwhelming imposing presence but is broken by the smooth almost iridescent ripple sycamore handles recessed in to the front, that just ask to be grasped and the plinth on which it sits. The recessed handles are designed to aid flow around the furniture without the risk of catching items on any protrusions and help add a sense of space around the chest. Opening the draws on the smooth action of the high quality Blum runners reveals the eye catching ripple sycamore draws that seem to shimmer in the light and allows the sweet fragrance of the cedar of Lebanon veneered draw bases and solid cedar back to be appreciated.

With the natural insect repelling nature of the cedar, the clients clothing and other stored items are provided with a level of protection. The quality FSC birch plywood bases allow for maximum storage without risk of the draws sagging under the weight of their contents, giving the client piece of mind.

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